Alpha Provider Portal FAQs

How do I get a login/password for the new system?

Password requests can be made through the Alliance website or by sending an email to To obtain an Alpha Provider Portal password from Alliance, providers should submit their first name, middle initial, last name, email address, phone number and Alliance Provider Identification Number. Providers that submit their information this way or by returning the spreadsheet sent to them by Alliance will receive their passwords by email.

Who do I contact if my login/password are no longer active?

Each provider agency was asked to select a single contact person to determine which staff in their agency needs access to the Provider Portal and to communicate that information to Alliance. Prior to contacting Alliance directly please confirm with your agency if you have been identified as needing a username/password. Requests can be made by emailing or calling (919) 651-8500.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Email and provide your first name, middle initial, last name, e-mail address, telephone number and your agency’s Alliance Provider ID Number which you should be able to obtain from one of your agency’s administrators.

Who do I contact if I am having difficulty using Alpha?

The Alliance Technical Support Desk for technical issues only related to Alpha can be reached by emailing or by calling (919) 651-8500. Email requests for support are preferred.

How do I get help with using Alpha?

An Alpha Provider Portal Handbook and a pre-recorded training webinar are available on the Alliance website to assist with learning to navigate the system. Trainings for IPRS providers were held throughout September and trainings for Medicaid providers in Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties will be scheduled in November.

How do I look up clients?

Providers will need two pieces of information to look up members in the new system. First or Last name + DOB, First or Last name + SSN, or First or Last name + Insurance. Navigate to the Patient Search Module (Menu, Patient Search).

What do I do if a client I was previously serving does not appear to be in the system?

Please confirm accuracy of information being used to look up member. Contact the Alliance Access and Information Center at (800) 510-9132 or (919) 651-8400 to confirm member is enrolled with Alliance Behavioral Healthcare.

Will beneficiaries with Medicaid be entered into the system?

Medicaid eligibility files will be uploaded into the system daily. Providers will still be responsible for confirming Medicaid eligibility prior to providing services. Enrollment status with Alliance does not guarantee or confirm Medicaid eligibility.

How will new members be entered into the system?

There is no wrong door. Members can continue to contact the Access and Information Center to initiate the enrollment process. Staff will refer members to providers who will complete the enrollment. Additionally, providers can initiate and complete the enrollment process for new members.  See the pre-recorded training webinar available on the Alliance website.

What happens when Alliance staff state they cannot find an enrollment form that I completed.

Please confirm that the enrollment form has been “Submitted”. Enrollment forms that have been “Saved” through the Provider Portal cannot be reviewed by Alliance staff. Enrollment forms must be “Submitted” to complete the review process. Once an enrollment form has been “Submitted” it will be reviewed by Alliance staff within 24 business hours.

What if I completed an enrollment form/client update request but the information does not appear in the system?

Once the enrollment form is submitted to Alliance you must use the “Filter” function in order to search for submitted enrollment forms.

When do I get the medical record number?

For new members a medical record number cannot be assigned until an enrollment form is complete and approved.

What information is required for an enrollment to be considered complete?

Enrollment requests will not submit if a required field is missing on the primary enrollment screen.  Note that the “Additional Clinical Information” (second page on the enrollment form) must be completed in order for enrollments to be approved.

How do I update client information?

All updates must be completed in the Alpha system. The update form can be found by clicking “Menu” and scrolling down to the “Client Update” module.  No verbal requests can be accepted

Who do I contact when I have a question regarding enrollment/eligibility forms and processes?

To follow up regarding enrollment/eligibility forms and processes email Tasha Jennings or call (919) 651-8527.

Do we still have to fax LCADs? What is the fax number?

No, the LCAD information will be captured through the primary enrollment screen and on the “Additional Clinical Information” page of the enrollment form. If the member is enrolled, use the “Client Update” module to submit updated information.

How do I enter service requests?

In the Alpha system,service requests are entered in the “SAR” module.  See the pre-recorded training webinar for details.

How will we view authorizations in the system?

In the Alpha system go to the “Authorization” module.  Be sure to use the “Filter” button to find any authorizations that are not immediately visible.

Will authorizations approved through previous systems (ProviderConnect) be honored?


In October, how should we bill for services provided in September?

Through Provider Connect.  For services performed after October 1 use the Alpha system.

How do I enter claims?

All claims can be entered in the “Finance” module in the Alpha system.  See the pre-recorded training webinar for details.

My agency has created a calendar. Why are we not getting referrals?

Referrals are made based on multiple factors. Review provider details for your agency and confirm that all information is complete and accurate (i.e. what services your agency is contracted for). If your provider agency has multiple sites be sure that the schedule for referrals is linked with the appropriate site (the site with a complete contract). If all details for your agency appear complete and accurate then consider criteria used to specify the types of appointments. The more restrictions that are placed on the appointment, the fewer members are appropriate for that appointment.

How can I tell if Access can see the appointments in my provider scheduler?

Contact the Access and Information Center to verify the visibility of appointments.

I see appointments in the calendar but I did not get an email alert or I keep getting email alerts for appointments in the calendar. Can this be fixed?

The email alert function will be tied to Alpha-assigned usernames in your agency. Please confirm with your agency first what email address is connected with the username(s) in your agency. Email alerts can be changed using the “User Profile Module” in Alpha.

Who do I contact if my provider information is incorrect?

Contact Alliance directly. Until further notice email

Who do I contact regarding credentialing questions?

Refer to the Credentialing/Enrollment Resources page on the Alliance website and watch the Weekly Updates from Alliance and the FAQs on the Alliance website.










Q       Who do I contact if my provider information is incorrect?

A      Please contact Alliance directly. Until further notice please email:

Q       Who do I contact regarding credentialing questions?

A      Please note Updates, FAQ’s on Alliance Website regarding the credentialing process. (