Training Opportunities

Click on the title of any of the trainings below for additional information or to learn how to register. For a more comprehensive list of Alliance trainings and other events, see our online calendarQuestions about specific trainings?

Incident Report Training
An Incident Report Training Overview and an IRIS Incident Reporting Hands-On Training will each be offered once quarterly at the Alliance corporate office. If at least one member of your staff has not had Incident Report Training in the past 18 months your agency is encouraged to send a representative to one of the upcoming sessions.

Provider Billing Training
This training is designed for providers needing additional training on how to bill CMS 1500s and UB04s claims and review RAs and work denials.

Technical Assistance for Claims
Technical assistance is available on Tuesdays from 9:30am-noon in Room 204 of the Alliance corporate office in Durham for providers needing individual  assistance with billing, reconciling payments, working denials and submitting claims in Alpha. To ensure ample staff to help you with your questions, let us know if you wish to attend on a particular Tuesday.

Technical Assistance for Credentialing
Providers that would like individual technical assistance with completing the credentialing process can contact to arrange for an appointment at the corporate office with a Credentialing staff to help you with this process.

These trainings are held quarterly on the third Thursday of the month, LOCUS training from 9:00-noon and CALOCUS training from 1:00-4:00pm. The target audience is any Qualified Professional and any licensed staff who will be completing and supervising the completion of the LOCUS and CALOCUS tools required for service authorization.

Durham County Housing Training
All providers who anticipate seeking financial assistance through the Durham County ILI and Supportive Housing programs are required to attend at least one housing training for FY14. Trainings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 12:30pm at the Alliance Durham office, 414 East Main Street. Registration is required. Call (919) 651-8854 to reserve your seat.










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