Provider Compliance Training Rescheduled

​The provider compliance training that was scheduled for September 20, 2018, from 1-4 pm at the home office has been rescheduled for October 24, 2018, from 1-4 pm at the home office.

Volunteering with the Red Cross

Cumberland County emergency shelters are now being operated by the American Red Cross. Clinicians wishing to volunteer must register with the Red Cross – Alliance is no longer deploying providers to the shelters for this event. To register as a Red Cross volunteer, click here.

Hurricane Florence Volunteer Interest List

Alliance anticipates that there will be requests from local and state agencies to assist in the disaster relief efforts that may be both immediate as well as in the coming days, weeks ahead. If you are interested in supporting your community by volunteering in shelters please email Alliance at [email protected] with the following information:

Credentials(ie LCSW, LPC, BA etc)
Contact information(phone number and email)
Any specifics about availability, location and/or special skills/training

Prepare now to protect records

We are encouraging all agencies to start preparation actions to help protect your records.

  • Stabilize your records storage areas
    • Ensure that records are a minimum of 3-6 inches off the floor.
    • Ensure records are in record boxes and clearly labeled
    • Remove records from bottom drawers of filing cabinets
    • Consider relocating records to more secure areas in your building. Move records out of areas prone to flooding such basement and attic areas and away from windows and exterior doors.
    • Cover records with plastic sheeting for additional water protection.
    • Compile some recovery supplies, including plastic sheeting to cover records and additional record boxes.
  • Locate the retention and disposition schedule for the records in your office.
  • Compile an inventory of records and location in building.
  • Compile information on disaster recovery vendors.
  • Compile an emergency staff contact list.

If records are damaged by water, the State Archives offers these preliminary resources: Initial Steps Before Recovery of Wet Recordssample inventory control forms, and a selected list of disaster recovery services.

If you have further questions on disaster preparation or in the event that your records do get impacted by a disaster event, please contact the State Archives immediately.

  • Becky McGee-Lankford (Government Records Section Chief)
    • 919-807-7353 (office)
    • 919-612-0488 (cell)
  • Sarah Koonts (State Archivist)
    • 919-807-7339 (office)
    • 919-244-5944 (cell)
  • Mark Holland (Records Analysis Unit Head)
    • 919-807-7358 (office)
    • 704-880-8287 (cell)

Important Disaster Preparedness Message

Alliance is preparing for Hurricane Florence and the significant impact that is anticipated both on our coast and within the Alliance region. Please read this important message carefully.

Alliance Co-Sponsoring Trauma-Informed Training

A trauma-informed behavioral interventions workshop will be held October 8, 2018, 10 am–3 pm, at the Alliance home office, 4600 Emperor Blvd, Durham, NC 27703.

The workshop will address three goals:

  1. Furthering knowledge of trauma by an overview of its impact on cognitive, emotional, and physical health.
  2. Exploring how to discern which maladaptive behaviors are trauma-based and which are simply developmental stages of growth for all children and youth.
  3. Learning to develop behavioral goals that respect the child’s trauma while still helping them to move forward with more goal-directed and pro-social behaviors.

To learn more about this workshop and how to register, download the flier.

Authorization Update for Currently Contracted IIH Providers

Beginning September 1, 2018 the IIH benefit plan is updated and available for review. This new benefit will apply to members who begin IIH Services on September 1, 2018 or after. Members who started IIH services prior to September 1, 2018 will continue to be reviewed every 60 days until their treatment ends.

Clarification-Unique Invoice Numbers and Dates to be Required

This notice does not apply to submission of claims, only to non-URC invoices/expense based invoices.

Beginning September 1, 2018 Alliance providers and vendors must submit invoices which include a unique invoice number and date. Any invoice submitted to Accounts Payable not containing a unique invoice number and date will be returned, which will cause a delay in payment. Invoices can be sent electronically to the Accounts Payable Department using the email address [email protected]. Please do not send invoices to individual AP team members, as this will slow down processing.

For providers:
The required information on the Non-UCR invoice template appears in Red Type. This template is available on the Alliance Website. The required fields for invoice processing include:

  • Provider and project name
  • Contract maximum for project
  • Invoice number, invoice date, service month and invoice amount
  • Grantee’s authorized signature, printed name and title, date and preparer’s phone or email

For vendors:
If you have a purchase order from Alliance, please include the PO number on the invoice to assist the Accounts Payable Department in expediting payments.

Important Information for Innovations Providers

Please review the LME-MCO Communication Bulletin J297 Subject: LME-MCO LS v Wos Instruction. Note that Alliance continues to be in compliance with the areas identified in the bulletin.

Two New RFPs posted

The following new RFPs have been posted to the Alliance website.

  • RFP #2018-103 for TBI Waiver Services Cognitive Rehabilitation
    A prebid webinar will be held on August 14, 2018, from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. Register with [email protected] for access code.
  • RFP# #2018-104 for TBI Waiver Services Resource Facilitation
    Visit to see all open Alliance RFPs and associated documents.