The Community Relations Department at Alliance has a new name.
We’re now Community Health and Well Being.

We’re making this change to better reflect the future of healthcare delivery in our region and across the country. We’re combining an emphasis on both community outreach and clinical interventions to tell the story of the people we serve and their families in a more complete way.

We are paying special attention to the critical role that the “social determinants of health” play in the lives of our members. When we refer to social determinants of health we are talking about all the factors – social, environmental, cultural and physical – that people are born into and grow up and experience throughout their lifetimes, which often influence health outcomes.

The Community Health and Well Being Department at Alliance is focused on more fully integrating physical and behavioral health, which is squarely aligned with our state’s vision for public healthcare in the coming years. We’re also placing an increased emphasis on population health – a concept that moves from focusing on people at an individual level to achieving greater impact by addressing a range of factors shown to impact the health of whole population groups.

Our Primary Focus Areas

Promoting quality partnerships and collaborative change

Redesigning systems of care to improve health outcomes and promote healthy communities

Improving quality of life for all the people we serve by helping them understand their health care better, and giving them tools and resources to actively engage in their care

Connecting people to social and community supports that enhance recovery and well being

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Page last modified: January 4, 2019