Beginning July 1, 2014 providers are required to register with NC-TOPPs to receive notifications of required submissions and to submit all NC-TOPPS reports on a timely basis as required by the state. After this date, Alliance will no longer send routine update reminders to providers.

To register for NC-TOPPs email notifications:

  • Access your NC-TOPPs account
  • Click on the “User Tools tab”
  • Select “Manage User Preferences”
  • Select “Receive Update Emails”
  • Select “Yes.”

NC-TOPPs will send update emails to any type of user. NC-TOPPS “superusers” will receive emails for all updates needed for all users.  Routine users will receive only update emails for the members linked to their names.

Additionally, providers will be held to the state benchmark of 90% timely submissions. Each month Alliance will inform via email those providers not meeting this standard. Providers out-of-compliance for more than 60 days will be issued a plan of correction. Providers with three or more plans of correction in a contract year will be referred to the Alliance Compliance Committee for further review.

All NC-TOPPS users are required to receive email notifications when they have updates due.

The emails will be sent out daily at 4:00am to users with LME Superuser, Provider Agency Superuser and User roles. In order to receive these emails users must opt-in for the emails via Manage User Preferences function in NC-TOPPS.

NC-TOPPS users receive Updates Needed emails based on location. In other words, if an NC-TOPPS user has access to 10 locations, he/she could receive up to 10 daily emails.

To opt-in to receive Updates Needed Emails, a user would need to login to NC-TOPPS, then select Manage User Preferences from the User Tools menu item. In the Approved Provider Agencies Associated with Your Profile section, each location is associated with the user. At the right side of each location in this list is a button that allows users to opt-in/opt-out of update emails. If the button displays “Yes” the user would receive emails for that location, if “No” the user does not receive emails for the location. Clicking this button toggles the opt-in setting for a specific location.

The automated email sends the following information for the following roles:

  • Users – quantity of updates due for a user’s location
  • Provider Agency Superusers – list of QPs that have updates due. Each QP listed will display the number of updates due. QPs that do not have any updates due will not appear in the list.
  • LME Superusers – list of QPs at Provider Agencies that have update due within the LME Superuser’s LME-MCO. Each QP listed will display the number of updates due. QPs that do not have any updates due will not appear in the list.

Updates Needed emails are only sent to users when updates are needed at the time the script is run daily at 4:00am.

If you have any questions/comments about the functionality of this change, please contact the NC-TOPPS Helpdesk by email or at or (919) 515-1310.

Page last modified: July 18, 2018