Important Information About NPI Numbers

The following information may affect provider’s ability to be paid if applicable. Due to upcoming requirements from the State in regards to encounter data, Alliance needs to make changes to ensure that all NPI numbers are active and correctly enrolled in NCTracks. Providers need to ensure their enrollment for each NPI number is active in NCTracks and under the Medicaid Benefit plan in NCTracks. This is required to continue to receive payment from Alliance for dates of service after June 1, 2017 associated with the affected NPI numbers. If an NPI number is terminated in NCTracks and/or terminated in the Medicaid Benefit plan in NCTracks, the NPI numbers will be de-activated in Alpha, resulting in claim denials for dates of service beginning June 1. Providers are responsible for verifying this information in NCTracks and addressing any NCTracks termination issues thru the NCTracks Manage Change Request process. Alliance strongly encourages providers to log into their NCTracks account to verify that their Billing and Rendering NPIs are active as indicated above. Providers are responsible for notifying Alliance at once the NPI number is active in the NCTracks system so the affected NPI number can be re-activated in Alpha. Please ensure that the effective date of your NCTracks request runs consecutively with the end date so there is no lapse in coverage dates or there is risk of recoupment for that time period. Questions can be directed to

Page last modified: May 26, 2017