Possibility of Severe Weather

At Alliance we are following the track of Hurricane Irma and it appears that at minimum heavy rain and moderate winds are likely early next week. We want to remind everyone of the importance of being personally ready and encouraging your friends, relatives and neighbors to prepare as well. Now is a great time to look at disaster preparedness and to review your agency emergency response plans. The American Red Cross website and ReadyNC.org provide good advice on how to personally prepare so that we are in a position to assist others. Also, the NC Board of Pharmacy website has posted pharmacy information regarding emergency early fills so that individuals can potentially access needed medication in case roads are not easily passible after the storm.

It is very important to take stock of all the ways members of our Provider Network can team with Alliance to help our communities in disaster and emergency situations. We encourage licensed staff to sign up with the American Red Cross to serve as mental health responders. Also, please be sure to communicate proactively with those you serve and be ready to enact your emergency plan to minimize any service disruption to those under your care. The Alliance Disaster Response Team will be keeping an eye on any developing storm situations and doing our best to keep you informed as things develop through this Provider News Service as well as the Alliance Facebook and LinkedIn pages. As always, our Access and Information Line is our point of contact in emergency situations, available 24/7 at (800) 510-9132.

Page last modified: December 6, 2017