To help Alliance enhance its online Provider Search tool it is critical that we collect important information from Licensed Clinicians credentialed by Alliance. All contracted provider entities should follow instructions outlined in the Clinician Maintenance User Guide to access an online portal to provide this information about each of your clinicians. This information includes clinician specialties, languages spoken, and sites at which the clinician provides services. Please help us provide more comprehensive and useful information to people in our communities who use the Provider Search when seeking services. DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING THIS INFORMATION IS JULY 13.

Welcome to Alliance Behavioral Healthcare

As a participant in our network, you join a select and progressive group of providers and other stakeholders dedicated to providing quality care for consumers in Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties. Alliance is a local management entity/managed care organization (LME/MCO) responsible for managing, coordinating, facilitating and monitoring the provision of local, state and Medicaid-funded mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance abuse services.

We value the balance between consumer choice and the ability to manage an administratively and programmatically-efficient system of services. We welcome you as our partner in our System of Care, providing evidence-based practices that achieve meaningful life outcomes for the citizens of our counties.

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Alliance requires agencies that participate in our provider network community to be mission-driven, willing to work cooperatively on behalf of consumers and their family members, and be active participants within a System of Care philosophy. Private providers have the ability to leverage dollars through cost saving efficiencies, joint ventures, sophisticated business practices, inspired leadership, and other direct and indirect financial supports.

Contract agencies are expected to extend public funding as far as possible and should not operate with profit margin as their predominant business philosophy. It is Alliance’s goal to manage a comprehensive provider network that is organized, integrated, accessible and responsive and that provides an environment where providers, consumers and communities can thrive.

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The Alliance Provider Helpdesk is available
8:30am to 5:15pm Monday through Friday at (919) 651-8500.

Page last modified: June 26, 2017