All individuals who previously received CAP-I/DD services in Durham, Wake, Cumberland and Johnston counties have been crosswalked to NC Innovations. Alliance conducts utilization management for NC Innovations, IPRS/State-funded services, and Medicaid services (B3 and ICF- I/ID) for these counties.

NC Innovations Service Requests

All NC Innovations beneficiaries have a Care Coordinator who works for Alliance. The Care Coordinator submits requests for authorization of services to the Utilization Management Department. More information about NC Innovations services is available on the NC Division of Medical Assistance website as well as on the Alliance Innovations webpage.

Annually an Individual Support Plan (ISP) is developed by the individual/legally-responsible person and their planning team and is submitted by the Care Coordinator to be effective the first day of the month following the beneficiary’s birth month and must be submitted with the following forms:

  • Level of Care (LOC)
  • Risk Supports Needs Assessment
  • NC-SNAP/Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)
  • Individual Budget
  • Signature page

Note that some services or interventions require additional forms, such as a behavioral plan or additional assessments, to be submitted with the ISP.

Requests to add, increase or reduce services can be submitted as a plan revision any time throughout the year that the beneficiary’s needs change and must include the following forms:

  • Update to ISP
  • Signature page
  • Individual Budget

Note that updated assessments, along with other additional forms, may be required based on the services requested.

Change in provider(s) can be made anytime throughout the plan year for services that are authorized and the following forms must be submitted:

  • Alliance NC Innovations Provider Change request form signed by beneficiary/legally-responsible person
  • Updated Individual Budget

ICF-I/ID Requests for Authorizations

For initial requests, the following information is required and is submitted through the I/DD UM fax line at (919) 651-8684 or through encrypted email to Todd Day (

  • Level of Care signed by a Medical Doctor
  • Medical evaluation form
  • Psychological assessment

Only initial ICF-I/ID requests are submitted to I/DD UM through the fax line or email. All other UM requests must be received through the Alpha Provider Portal.

Requests for 180-day reauthorization require the following forms to be submitted through the Alpha Portal:

  • Level of Care signed by medical doctor
  • Medical Evaluation form
  • Service Authorization Request (SAR) completed in the Alpha Provider Portal

If you are an ICF that is contracted with Rubicon, Rubicon will submit your requests for authorization.

Access the DMA policy for ICF-I/ID.

IPRS and B3 Service Requests

IPRS and B3 services are requested by the provider. The benefit plan for IPRS and B3 services is available online. Please review the benefit plan prior to requesting services for availability by county, required documents and service limitations.

For initial requests, determination of DHHS Implementation Updates

  • Medicaid Bulletins

  • Page last modified: February 28, 2017