The following list comprises the Medicaid eligible categories as covered by Alliance under the 1915 (b) waiver:

Eligible Code Description
AAF Work First Family Assistance
HSF/IAS Medicaid for Foster Care/Adoption
MAA Medicaid to the Aged
MAB Medicaid to the Blind
MAD Medicaid to the Disabled
MAF Medicaid to Families with Dependent Children
MFC Medicaid to Former Foster Care Children
MIC Medicaid to Infants and Children
MPW Medicaid for Pregnant Women
SAA Special Assistance to the Aged
SAD Special Assistance to the Disabled

The following codes are NOT covered by the Alliance 1915 (b) waiver:

Eligible Code Description
MQBQ Medicaid – Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
MQBB Medicaid – Qualified Medicare – Part B
MQBE Medicaid – Qualified Medicare Enrollment – Capped
MAFD Medicaid Family Planning Waiver
MICJ NC Health Choice – based on specific poverty levels
MICG Legal Alien

Access more information on the MQB codes from the NC DHHS website.

For information regarding non-covered Alliance codes, please call Beacon Health at (888) 266-7104.

Page last modified: July 18, 2018