Medications can be a useful component of a comprehensive treatment plan for individuals experiencing a mental illness or substance use disorder, and Alliance is committed to offering information and technical assistance to help ensure that they are prescribed and administered safely and effectively.

The page offers resources for providers regarding medication policies and resources primarily impacting North Carolina Medicaid recipients, as well as uninsured consumers.

Naloxone Resource Guide

This guide provides information on about naloxone, the opioid antagonist used to reverse opioid overdoses and prevent opioid overdose deaths. It includes information about insurance (including Medicaid) coverage of naloxone, how to identify individuals who would benefit the most from having naloxone, the different naloxone product formulations available, sources for naloxone for uninsured consumers, as well as patient education tips and links to more helpful information.

Access the NC Naloxone Resource Guide.

DHHS Communications

Other Important Updates

Advance materials for November 15 meeting of Medical and Clinical Directors:

BH Provider PDL Information
Summary of the November 1, 2017 updates to the Medicaid Outpatient Pharmacy Program Preferred Drug List (PDL) that specifically impacts behavioral health providers and their patients.

CCWJC Psychostimulants Provider Letter
Summary of a status change for antihyperkinesis/ADHD medication category based on the November 1, 2017 update of NC Medicaid Preferred Drug List. Preferred long-acting methylphenidate products as of November 1, 2017 are Aptensio® XR, Quillichew® ER Oral,  and Quillivant® XR Suspension. A prior authorization request must be submitted for alternatives.

Provider-Pharm Summary (November 2017) Brands Preferred with NP Generics
Summary of the preferred brands which have non-preferred generics. This is primarily a pharmacy stocking issue as “brand medically necessary” is NOT needed on the face of the prescription.

General Provider Cover Letter Accessing the PDL
This document can help the provider easily navigate the NC Tracks Pharmacy Services web page, especially to access the Medicaid Preferred Drug List. There is also brief background information on the Preferred Drugs List

Prior Approval Criteria for Opioid Analgesics Provider Information
Per North Carolina’s Opioid Action Plan to reduce opioid addiction and overdose death, the NC Medicaid Prior Approval Criteria for Opioid Analgesics was implemented on August 27, 2017 and is summarized in this document.

NC DMA Opioid Safety DMA Provisions FAQs
Frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Opioid Safety Prior Authorization Revisions implemented by the  North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance.

NC Medicaid Prior Authorization for Opiate Therapy
This document walks the provider through the NC Tracks process to enter a prior authorization if required for an opioid.

Page last modified: November 8, 2017